Covid-19 Safety

Safety and sanitation is the name of the game in our industry, and we are going above and beyond our normal protocols to make sure that our environment is safe. As of September 16th, 2021, we are only allowing entry to guests with a valid COVID-19 Vaccination Card. We are doing this for the health and safety of our service providers, our guests, and our community. Below, we are sharing some other precautions we are taking. You can also find our general salon spa policies here.


As we all continue through the pandemic, here are a few of the things that we are doin…


  • Guest must provide a valid COVID-19 Vaccination card prior your service or shopping. We will still have limited capacity requirements.
  • We are maintaining a minimum 6 ft of social distancing at all times when possible, and when we cannot social distance due to a personal service, all parties will be wearing personal protective equipment.
  • The temperature of every guest who enters the salon spa will have their temperature taken with a touch-less thermometer. All staff members will also have their temperatures taken each day. If anyone has a temperature running over 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit, we will reschedule their appointment for at least 72 hours out.
  • All guests must be wearing a face mask before entering and must continue wearing it at all times while in the space.
  • Each member of the Blessings team has taken a COVID-19 barbicide certification class to be knowledgeable in preventing the spread of the virus.
  • All hard surfaces will be sanitized throughout the day, following our timely guest care team sanitation schedule.
  • There are frequent hand sanitizer stations throughout the salon spa space, and guests are asked to wash their hands when they first arrive.
  • Guests must come alone to their appointments, some exceptions do apply. Our waiting lounges will practice social distancing.
  • Beverage offerings are limited at this time.


  • The salon floor has been renovated to allow for 8 feet of social distance between each guest and stylist. There are also plastic dividers in place between each station in order to protect each guest and stylist from further exposure.
  • Stylists will be wearing face masks at all times, and face shields when shampooing guests’ hair or in other very close contact situations with a guest during their service. A guest may request their stylist to wear a face shield at any time.
  • All styling tools, salon chairs, and salon furniture will be properly sanitized after each use.


  • All guests will be asked to remove their shoes before entering a spa treatment room to prevent any contamination and maintain the sterile integrity of the room. We will provide comfortable sanitized spa sandals for all spa guests.
  • Spa treatment rooms will be sanitized in between each service, and all tools and hard surfaces will be cleaned, following the proper sanitation guidelines.
  • There will be proper airflow into all confined spaces in-between appointments to clean the air.
  • Spa service providers will be wearing face masks, face shields, and gloves during each service.
  • The spa locker rooms, steam room, and sauna will be closed for the time being. We cannot guarantee proper social distancing between guests in these shared spaces or proper sanitation practices which is required to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Product can be purchased over the phone for curbside pickup. However, we are allowing one person to shop for product at a time in our retail space. Also, if you are coming in for an appointment, product may be purchased at checkout.